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GB-1251362-A: patent, GB-1251566-A: patent, GB-1251706-A: patent, GB-1251954-A: patent, GB-1252142-A: patent, GB-1252727-A: patent, GB-125282-A: Improvements relating to Acetylene Generators. patent, GB-1253025-A: patent, GB-1253176-A: patent, GB-1253751-A: Transfer coolers patent, GB-1254279-A: Apparatus and method for loading loose bulk material patent, GB-1254913-A: Improvements in or relating to autographic registers patent, GB-1254938-A: Seal assembly patent, GB-1255024-A: Electric lighting fitting patent, GB-1256081-A: Ultrasonic welding tools patent, GB-1257554-A: patent, GB-1257834-A: patent, GB-1258228-A: patent, GB-1260200-A: Sterilization control means patent, GB-126030-A: Improvements in or relating to Radiotelegraphy and Radiotelephony. patent, GB-1260459-A: Improved screen for winnowing fans patent, GB-1261063-A: Stacked compartment dispensing machine having reciprocable compartment transfer structure patent, GB-1261106-A: Cold pilger rolling mill patent, GB-1261464-A: Production of halohydrocarbons patent, GB-1261480-A: Scraper blade mounting arrangement patent, GB-1263008-A: Internally nitrided powder patent, GB-1263281-A: Improvements relating to character display arrangements patent, GB-1263624-A: Coaxial microwave detector patent, GB-1264521-A: patent, GB-1264565-A: patent, GB-1264856-A: patent, GB-1264885-A: patent, GB-1265170-A: patent, GB-1265334-A: patent, GB-1266120-A: patent, GB-1266535-A: patent, GB-126653-A: Improvements in Apparatus for Closing Containers. patent, GB-126800-A: Improvements relating to Electrically Operated Hoisting Machinery. patent, GB-1268107-A: Electrical components comprising wound strip conductors patent, GB-1268172-A: Collapsible artificial tree patent, GB-1268509-A: Electronic page printer patent, GB-1268829-A: New phosphorus-containing polyamides patent, GB-1269140-A: Pattern extremity determination patent, GB-1269438-A: Magnetic switch patent, GB-1269503-A: Toy building blocks patent, GB-1269678-A: A photocopy machine including document feed means patent, GB-1269884-A: Improvements in and relating to rotary kilns patent, GB-1270483-A: Data processing system patent, GB-1271443-A: An arrangement for introducing solid materials in discrete form into metal melts patent, GB-1271859-A: Mobile undersea dwelling patent, GB-1272009-A: Process for manufacturing light-weight ceramic products patent, GB-1272860-A: Improvements relating to pulse counters patent, GB-127319-A: Improved Magneto or Dynamo-electric Machine. patent, GB-1273377-A: Method and apparatus for applying a continuous and uniform layer of coating material to an applicator roll patent, GB-1273902-A: Chairs patent, GB-1274624-A: Improvements in or relating to thermal regenerators patent, GB-1275128-A: Phosphonates and thiophosphonates, a process for the preparation and pesticidal preparations containing them patent, GB-1275836-A: Catalyst composition and a process for dimerizing or codimerizing unsaturated hydrocarbons using this composition patent, GB-1276485-A: Stoppers for necked bottles patent, GB-1276542-A: Process for forming metal contacts on semiconductor devices patent, GB-1277022-A: Program selecting control means for a driven member patent, GB-1277568-A: Light-transmissive window for an electron tube patent, GB-1277792-A: Stress relief apparatus for a cable termination or joint patent, GB-1277983-A: A headset patent, GB-1278150-A: Method of building ships patent, GB-1278400-A: Method of electrophoretic coating patent, GB-1278537-A: Improvements in or relating to mobile cranes with detachable counterweights patent, GB-1278827-A: Focusing method and device patent, GB-1279163-A: Method of vulcanising conveyor belts patent, GB-1279168-A: Bimetal thermal gauge patent, GB-1279199-A: Control valve for elastic pressure fluid patent, GB-1279705-A: Improvements in or relating to umbrella frames patent, GB-1279832-A: Improvements relating to plastics sheathed pipes having end-protecting plugs patent, GB-1281113-A: Cermet product and method and apparatus for the manufacture thereof patent, GB-1281378-A: Measuring apparatus, particularly for power transistors patent, GB-1281498-A: Improvements in calcium-vanadium ferrimagnetic garnets patent, GB-1281697-A: Process of amplifying a conductive metal pattern on a support patent, GB-128191-A: Improved Chuck for Machine Tools. patent, GB-1282011-A: Improvements relating to w.c. cisterns patent, GB-1282494-A: Apparatus for dehydrating organic liquids patent, GB-1286137-A: Circular cutter shears for thick plates patent, GB-1286506-A: Improvements in refrigeration systems patent, GB-1286939-A: Production of methylene chloride patent, GB-1287507-A: Reel for rod or wire patent, GB-1287514-A: Thiopyrophosphates and lubricant compositions containing them patent, GB-1287753-A: Substituted anilides and preparations containing them patent, GB-1287830-A: patent, GB-1288183-A: patent, GB-1288713-A: patent, GB-128935-A: Improvements in or relating to Automobile Road Vehicles. patent, GB-128953-A: Improvements in Motor Cultivators. patent, GB-1289637-A: patent, GB-1289812-A: patent, GB-129101-A: Improvements in or relating to the Metal Pots of Type Bar Making Machines. patent, GB-1291450-A: Method of making barrier layer devices and devices so made patent, GB-1292742-A: Improvements in and relating to altimeters patent, GB-1292888-A: Aqueous dispersions patent, GB-1293758-A: Method for accelerating the collapse of high expansion foam used in certain processes patent, GB-129425-A: Improvements in Electric Accumulators. patent, GB-1294293-A: Cobalt-chromium base alloy and articles produced therefrom patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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