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US-123803-A: Improvement in candle lamps or holders patent, US-1238927-A: Power-transmission device. patent, US-1240031-A: Educational appliance. patent, US-1240356-A: Loose-leaf binder. patent, US-1240705-A: Cue-holder. patent, US-1241905-A: Process of and apparatus for the continuous separation of liquids from solids. patent, US-1242177-A: Rolling screen. patent, US-1242467-A: Geometrical instrument. patent, US-1242724-A: Automatic uncoupling means for shaft-clutches. patent, US-1243852-A: Multitime separator and distributer. patent, US-1244634-A: Electrical attachment for reading meters. patent, US-1244806-A: Railway-car end construction. patent, US-1244854-A: Wind-shield for automobiles. patent, US-1245307-A: Lateral-motion journal-box patent, US-1245778-A: Automatic train-pipe coupling. patent, US-1245979-A: Rubber substitute and process of making the same. patent, US-1246499-A: Shipping-tag. patent, US-1246914-A: Harrow-tooth holder. patent, US-1247043-A: Harrow. patent, US-1247149-A: Automatic fuel cut-off for oil-burners. patent, US-1247200-A: Trimming apparatus. patent, US-1247992-A: Electric gasifier for internal-combustion engines. patent, US-1248205-A: Guide-holder for pile-cutting machines. patent, US-1248341-A: Collar-support. patent, US-1248342-A: Rail-joint. patent, US-124880-A: Improvement in machines for cutting veneers patent, US-1248820-A: Oil-circulating journal-box. patent, US-1248974-A: Tail-gate support and bracket. patent, US-1249308-A: Mounting-plate. patent, US-1249346-A: Turn-table. patent, US-1250650-A: Lock-strike. patent, US-1250840-A: Jack-car. patent, US-125152-A: Improvement in liquid-meters patent, US-1251914-A: Means for stiffening box-toes. patent, US-1252194-A: Sanitary closure for containers. patent, US-125237-A: Improvement in tugrcllps patent, US-1252409-A: Ink-saving attachment for embossing-presses. patent, US-1252513-A: Photoprinting apparatus. patent, US-1253058-A: Dumping-vehicle. patent, US-1253434-A: Antisetting device for hens. patent, US-1255103-A: Lead-supply system for pig-casting machines. patent, US-1255226-A: Index member. patent, US-1256190-A: Spreading-machine. patent, US-1256454-A: Galloping-wheel. patent, US-1256723-A: Recording mechanism for railway-traffic-controlling apparatus. patent, US-1257449-A: Safety device for presses. patent, US-1257457-A: Window-sash holder and latch. patent, US-1257884-A: Alternating-current motor. patent, US-125800-A: Improvement in fences patent, US-1258036-A: Milk-can. patent, US-1258055-A: Evacuator for cylindrical driers. patent, US-1258130-A: Combination spreader and form-tie. patent, US-1258910-A: Attachment for internal-combustion engines. patent, US-1259272-A: Method of and apparatus for electrical welding. patent, US-1259537-A: Mining sulfur. patent, US-1259540-A: Ship construction. patent, US-1259808-A: Adjustable dress-form. patent, US-1260656-A: Manufacture of foodstuffs. patent, US-1261344-A: Method of distilling pyroligneous acid. patent, US-1261728-A: Cotton-seed delinter. patent, US-1262039-A: Weedless fish-hook. patent, US-1262276-A: Mold. patent, US-1263816-A: Sound-reproducing machine. patent, US-1264474-A: Combined trunk, desk, and chair. patent, US-1265053-A: Meter-box. patent, US-1266112-A: Jar-lifter. patent, US-1266742-A: Apparatus for delivering folded sheets. patent, US-1266754-A: Plow structure. patent, US-1266998-A: Vending-machine. patent, US-1267508-A: Mop. patent, US-126756-A: Improvement in street-cars patent, US-1268318-A: Box. patent, US-1268403-A: Air-brush. patent, US-1268546-A: Artificial hand. patent, US-1269458-A: Picture and process of making the same. patent, US-1269753-A: Fuel-vaporizer. patent, US-1270157-A: Liquid-fuel-supply apparatus for internal-combustion engines. patent, US-1270271-A: Process for the separation of blood-serum. patent, US-1270384-A: Sofa-bed. patent, US-1270575-A: Knockdown basket-stand. patent, US-1271704-A: Secondary-clock movement. patent, US-1272718-A: Drifting and relief valve. patent, US-1272747-A: Punching-machine. patent, US-1273447-A: Dry secondary cell. patent, US-1273468-A: Method of drilling books. patent, US-1273600-A: Mechanism for lifting and turning invalids. patent, US-1274510-A: Machine for making and packing cigarette-wrappers. patent, US-1274692-A: Heel-protector. patent, US-1274847-A: Stamp and check canceling and postmarking machine. patent, US-127512-A: Improvement in stereotype-blocks patent, US-1275472-A: Adjustable supporting device for type-holding segments. patent, US-1275780-A: Electric controller. patent, US-1276026-A: Shoe-fastener. patent, US-1276628-A: Cushioned wheel. patent, US-1276699-A: Pneumatic-despatch delivery terminal. patent, US-1276727-A: Reversible brush-holder for use with dynamos. patent, US-1276730-A: Process of making cloth gummed tape. patent, US-1276814-A: Tank. patent, US-1276837-A: Gas-generating and heating apparatus. patent, US-1276994-A: Throat for brush-making machines. patent, 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