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US-1277047-A: Metallurgical process. patent, US-1277538-A: Diaphragm. patent, US-1277803-A: Hand brake mechanism. patent, US-1278075-A: Treatment of cotton-seed meats. patent, US-1278333-A: Coal-mining machine. patent, US-127872-A: Improvement in thrashing-machines patent, US-1278838-A: Coupling-pocket for radial-draft gears. patent, US-1279314-A: Picker-stick check for looms patent, US-1279417-A: Wheel-guard. patent, US-1280231-A: Quack-grass destroyer. patent, US-1280421-A: Mitten. patent, US-1280456-A: Ladder. patent, US-1282052-A: Blank for manufacturing commutator-bars. patent, US-1283851-A: Coating-machine. patent, US-1283909-A: Welding compound. patent, US-1283973-A: Method of electroplating. patent, US-1284647-A: Removing impregnating material from paper. patent, US-1285115-A: Thermostatically-controlled carbureter. patent, US-128637-A: Improvement in furnaces for roasting ore patent, US-1286596-A: Metallic-filament lamp. patent, US-1287300-A: Interest-computing device. patent, US-1288469-A: Water-heater. patent, US-1288621-A: Liquid-dispenser. patent, US-1289897-A: Wardrobe attachment. patent, US-1290202-A: Work-holder for coated articles. patent, US-1290254-A: Catch. patent, US-1290964-A: Litter-carrier-cable support. patent, US-1291841-A: Box-opener. patent, US-129293-A: Hvjprovement in culinary vessels patent, US-129371-A: Improvement in wagon spring-seats patent, US-1294203-A: Fat-cutter. patent, US-1295494-A: Tire. patent, US-1295700-A: Drill-puller. patent, US-1296867-A: Radius-bar. patent, US-1297103-A: Hatband. patent, US-1297986-A: Shoe-closure. patent, US-1298409-A: Process and apparatus for separating finely-divided materials. patent, US-129881-A: Improvement in electroplating with nickel and other metals patent, US-1298847-A: Apparatus for tufting mattresses. patent, US-1299144-A: Electrically-controlled pneumatic brake. patent, US-1299806-A: Switch construction. patent, US-1299979-A: Door-open signal for all vehicles. patent, US-1300086-A: Fire-escape. patent, US-1300163-A: Means for attaching tools to spindles. patent, US-1302251-A: Maximum-speed governor for automobiles. patent, US-1303328-A: Headlight patent, US-1305077-A: dunbar patent, US-1305487-A: Albert lee owen patent, US-1307033-A: Jacob babab patent, US-1307336-A: Tension device for shuttles patent, US-1308030-A: Combined beb ami patent, US-1308942-A: Method of and apparatus for drying- stone or other material patent, US-1310366-A: Non-refillable bottle patent, US-1310769-A: Automobile-license-tag-fastenihg device patent, US-1311028-A: Can-opener patent, US-1311324-A: dalen patent, US-131152-A: Improvement in machines for removing rivets from belting patent, US-1312481-A: huneke patent, US-1312651-A: waiters patent, US-1313573-A: Machine for packing articles of paper-bo are and the like patent, US-131390-A: Improvement in tube-coupling steam-boilers patent, US-1314186-A: Planodraph co patent, US-1314725-A: Planoorapk co patent, US-1314766-A: Fertilizer-distributer patent, US-1314797-A: Obe-washeb patent, US-1315059-A: Assigetob patent, US-1317474-A: Fbitz babbezat patent, US-1317976-A: Assiouob to the firestone tire patent, US-131827-A: Improvement in machines for drilling rock patent, US-1318432-A: Process of preparing highly-oxidized manganese compounds patent, US-1320196-A: benjamin patent, US-1320370-A: barrett patent, US-1320628-A: Adonis george edward lowman patent, US-1320697-A: larson patent, US-1320839-A: Flying-machine. patent, US-132095-A: Improvement in steam-boilers patent, US-1321406-A: tardieu and g patent, US-1322041-A: Drive-control means patent, US-1322272-A: Sate or door latch patent, US-1322490-A: Lamp-housing patent, US-1323923-A: Sawing attachment patent, US-1324108-A: Tractor leveling device patent, US-1324303-A: Mfe-cutteb patent, US-1324863-A: watkins patent, US-1325073-A: Method oe forming coupling ends on drill-tube sections patent, US-1325361-A: ce tippecanoe city patent, US-1325804-A: Iffxchele w patent, US-1326413-A: Wagon-bolster and detachable stake. patent, US-132663-A: Improvement in planing-machines patent, US-1327107-A: Wheel-rim and sprocket-teeth therefor patent, US-1327348-A: Cross-thread-laying mechanism for sewing-machines patent, US-1328382-A: Motion-picture-film-feed mechanism patent, US-13287-A: Turbine water-wheel patent, US-1328926-A: Fencepost patent, US-132913-A: Improvement in adjustable dampers for heating-drums patent, US-1329213-A: Wheel patent, US-1329331-A: Cushion-tire patent, US-1329821-A: Piston for internal-combustion motors patent, US-1330130-A: Drill-press patent, US-1330228-A: Gas-heater patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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