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US-1419242-A: Resilient wheel patent, US-1419427-A: Washing machine patent, US-1419807-A: Fire door patent, US-1421253-A: Removable deep-well pump patent, US-1421664-A: Method of and apparatus for washing pulp patent, US-14217-A: Charles h patent, US-1422184-A: Process of separating ethylene and other components from gaseous mixtures containing the same patent, US-1422865-A: Burglar gun patent, US-142291-A: Improvement in awning-frames patent, US-142300-A: Improvement in bolt-works for safe-doors patent, US-1423252-A: Collapsible field stove patent, US-1423342-A: Label separator and remover for bottle-washing apparatus patent, US-1423353-A: Sanitary belt patent, US-1423381-A: Car wheel patent, US-1424171-A: Machine for manufacturing tubing patent, US-142417-A: Improvement in harvester-cutters patent, US-1424609-A: Heel binder patent, US-142462-A: Improvement in thrashing-machines patent, US-1425095-A: Furnace front patent, US-1426045-A: Corncrib patent, US-1426433-A: Stove patent, US-1426641-A: Circular loom patent, US-1427399-A: Tractor patent, US-1429518-A: Link pin for dredger-bucket chains patent, US-1429588-A: Gyroscopic apparatus patent, US-1429902-A: Vehicle spring construction patent, US-1430607-A: Constant-resistance electron-discharge device patent, US-1430979-A: Ice-cream dipper patent, US-1431727-A: Burial case patent, US-1432717-A: Brush casing and handle patent, US-1433132-A: Safety bkake device for vehicles patent, US-1433321-A: Grooving plane patent, US-1433374-A: Radiator core patent, US-1433733-A: Combined motor and pump patent, US-143587-A: Improvement in stone pavements patent, US-1436054-A: Vertical grate patent, US-143607-A: Improvement in refrigerators patent, US-1437104-A: Sylvania patent, US-1437250-A: Sliding-tongue buckle patent, US-1437506-A: Conveyer for barges and similar vessels patent, US-1437652-A: Hot-water bottle patent, US-1438654-A: Roller bearing or the cage thereof patent, US-1438845-A: Stay bolt patent, US-1439609-A: Automatic carton-heading machine patent, US-1440374-A: Stop plate for slicers patent, US-1440637-A: Railway car patent, US-1441505-A: Eraser-supporting means for typewriters patent, US-1442146-A: Modulating and transmitting system patent, US-1443050-A: Detachable cultivator point patent, US-1443629-A: Heated roll for flaking mills patent, US-144440-A: Improvement in carriage-doors patent, US-1445145-A: Paring machine patent, US-1446552-A: Weighing scale patent, US-144720-A: Improvement in ice-houses patent, US-1447436-A: Sanding device for motor vehicles patent, US-1448104-A: Paper envelope patent, US-1448516-A: Reenforced awning seam patent, US-144856-A: Improvement in oil-cabinets patent, US-1448791-A: Spotlight patent, US-1450554-A: Trailer patent, US-1451230-A: Marble shooter patent, US-145125-A: Improvement in paper-bag machines patent, US-1451363-A: Lug chuck for rock drills patent, US-1451677-A: Process of making spark plugs patent, US-1453246-A: Scissors sharpener patent, US-1453326-A: Motor and other cycle patent, US-1453336-A: Phonograph diaphragm and sound box patent, US-1453386-A: Clutch-controlling mechanism for automobiles patent, US-145499-A: Improvement in gearings patent, US-1455473-A: Toy patent, US-1455882-A: Memorial tablet and grave marker patent, US-145655-A: Improvement in the manufacture of illuminating-gas patent, US-1456850-A: Process for preparing a concentrated fertilizer patent, US-1456888-A: Grease cup patent, US-1457440-A: Incandescent electric lamp patent, US-1457930-A: Folding hatchet patent, US-145796-A: Improvement in scrubbing-machines patent, US-1458130-A: Process and apparatus for classifying food products patent, US-1458216-A: Bag-holding device patent, US-1458254-A: Washing machine patent, US-145839-A: Improvement in operating car-doors patent, US-1458982-A: Sanitary soap box patent, US-1460292-A: Reliner patent, US-1463093-A: Valve patent, US-146379-A: Improvement in lanterns patent, US-1466038-A: Device employed in finishing and retouching photographic negatives and the like patent, US-1466948-A: Ratchet wrench patent, US-146713-A: Improvement in flesh and bath brushes patent, US-1467510-A: Laying composition shingles patent, US-146760-A: Improvement in shutter-fasteners patent, US-1468057-A: Cleaning felts of paper machines patent, US-1468417-A: Oil burner patent, US-1469196-A: Box fastener patent, US-1469507-A: Extraction of potassium compounds patent, US-1470200-A: Package and method of packing fragile articles patent, US-1470600-A: Pneumatic dispatch apparatus patent, US-1470835-A: Article for producing keys in cementwork patent, US-1471008-A: Piston patent, US-1471154-A: Wall hanger for plumbing fixtures patent, US-147379-A: Improvement in machines for stuffing leather patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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