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US-1759291-A: Signal patent, US-1759695-A: Locomotive center plate patent, US-175970-A: Improvement in compositions for coating coffee patent, US-1759784-A: Means for transmitting energy between shafts patent, US-176003-A: Improvement in spring air-pistols patent, US-1760438-A: Fastening-supplying apparatus patent, US-1761800-A: Concrete anchor patent, US-1761926-A: Process of making bearings patent, US-1762669-A: Shelf patent, US-1763639-A: Tire deflation signal patent, US-1764021-A: Engine preheater patent, US-1764616-A: Valve tester patent, US-1765258-A: Toy patent, US-1765442-A: Window construction patent, US-1765614-A: Combination sash and screen door fastener patent, US-1765617-A: Bumper bar patent, US-1765802-A: Connecter for railway rails patent, US-1766435-A: Shoe fastener patent, US-1766639-A: Contact shoe patent, US-1767176-A: Audiphone patent, US-1767434-A: Right-angle socket stock patent, US-176751-A: Improvement in ventilation of buildings patent, US-1767945-A: Moving stairway patent, US-1768481-A: Ration patent, US-1768522-A: Subway transformer patent, US-1768660-A: Hot-cathode converter patent, US-1769907-A: Binaural recording and reproducing sound patent, US-177015-A: Improvement in heels for boots and shoes patent, US-1770752-A: Combination stop action for organs patent, US-1770998-A: Coke oven patent, US-1771963-A: Filler ring for tire structures patent, US-1772108-A: Apparatus for the liquid treatment of textile fabrics patent, US-1772250-A: Artificial fish lure patent, US-1772791-A: Lock patent, US-1772920-A: Regulator patent, US-1773714-A: Cable joint patent, US-1774966-A: Time-element device patent, US-1775737-A: Screw-cutting lathe and like turning engine patent, US-4629175-A: Method and apparatus for the stream feeding delivery of sheet products patent, US-1776590-A: Method of saturating sheet material patent, US-1776806-A: Reducing and massaging device patent, US-1777179-A: Four-cylinder, four-cycle cam and lever radial motor patent, US-1777583-A: Rail anchor patent, US-1778415-A: Furnace for roasting sulphide and other ores patent, US-1778666-A: Extension table patent, US-1778998-A: Cigarette extinguisher patent, US-1779621-A: Key holder patent, US-1780330-A: Soap cake and art of making same patent, US-1780377-A: Timer for cream testers patent, US-1780527-A: Fountain pen patent, US-1780867-A: Inverted electric motor patent, US-1780949-A: Apparatus for exchanging safety-razor blades patent, US-1781310-A: Finely-divided-fuel-burning furnace construction patent, US-1782230-A: Automobile body and method of constructing a body patent, US-1782270-A: Seat construction patent, US-1783577-A: Device for feeding cartridges and for cocking the striker in automatic firearms patent, US-1783935-A: System for the generation and distribution of electric energy patent, US-1784345-A: Means for positioning mold pattern units patent, US-1784662-A: Shoe form patent, US-1785009-A: Fruit-pitting machine patent, US-1785086-A: Automatic feed device for rotary drill bits patent, US-1785129-A: Means for connecting tubular members patent, US-1785389-A: Process for controlling electroplating patent, US-1786793-A: Rolling mill patent, US-1787015-A: Poultry drinking fountain patent, US-1787018-A: Means for removing bottle caps patent, US-1787496-A: Push-on lighting unit patent, US-1787854-A: Carburetor patent, US-1787889-A: Adding machine patent, US-1788268-A: Ejector for taper-shank cutting tools patent, US-1788353-A: Metal-ware cleaning patent, US-1788803-A: Golf-ball-driving practice apparatus patent, US-1788980-A: Dyeing of knitted and woven fabrics patent, US-1789075-A: Packing box patent, US-1789418-A: shipley patent, US-1789478-A: Steaming sadiron patent, US-1789547-A: Automatic gas and water regulator for water heaters patent, US-1789836-A: Necktie fastener patent, US-1790418-A: Fikepboof tile patent, US-1790691-A: Sylvania patent, US-1790836-A: Vanity dbesseb patent, US-1790887-A: Office patent, US-179091-A: Improvement in presses patent, US-1791669-A: Crusher patent, US-1792124-A: Illuminated sign patent, US-1792633-A: Production of compounds containing active oxygen patent, US-1792767-A: Facsimile system patent, US-1792842-A: Rubber spring shackle patent, US-1793414-A: Watchcase patent, US-1793733-A: Portable cross arm patent, US-1794216-A: Washing machine patent, US-1796063-A: Conduit fitting patent, US-1796112-A: Touring and camping road vehicle patent, US-1796428-A: Link-insulator fitting patent, US-1796979-A: Radius gauge patent, US-1797057-A: Surgical splint patent, US-1799030-A: Vehicle signal patent, US-1799387-A: Sound-producing device patent, US-1799509-A: Furnace-charging mechanism patent, US-1799809-A: Phonograph patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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