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US-1935985-A: Artificial stone product and method of making same patent, US-193606-A: Improvement in valve-gears for steam-engines patent, US-1936347-A: Tufted rug patent, US-1936571-A: Playhouse patent, US-1937135-A: Support patent, US-1937702-A: Brake drum patent, US-1938181-A: Dispensing container patent, US-1938467-A: Circuit breaker patent, US-1940202-A: Automatic developing tank patent, US-1942419-A: Process of making shoes patent, US-1942420-A: Machine for assembling mattress tufts and tufting-cords patent, US-1942642-A: Race track equipment patent, US-1942731-A: Doorlatch patent, US-1942843-A: Cellulose organic ester composition containing dibutyl malate patent, US-1943489-A: Process and apparatus for digesting fibrous material patent, US-1943541-A: Method of reclaiming and reusing metallic scrap mixtures patent, US-1944135-A: Gasket patent, US-1944478-A: Boiler patent, US-1945152-A: Piston patent, US-1945453-A: Auxiliary power wheel feed patent, US-194566-A: Improvement in machines for felting hat-bodies patent, US-1946004-A: Protected motion picture film and method of making same patent, US-1946375-A: Veneer machine patent, US-1946878-A: Process and apparatus for constructing fabric pattern cards patent, US-194729-A: Improvement in ozone-machines patent, US-1947326-A: Direct-reading radio-compass patent, US-1948067-A: Electrical massaging device patent, US-194841-A: Improvement in flying-machines patent, US-1948669-A: Arc lamp patent, US-1950733-A: Cane knife patent, US-1950805-A: Floor dispensing device patent, US-1951597-A: Brake condition indicator patent, US-195174-A: Improvement in electromagnetic-engine commutators patent, US-1951828-A: Unbalance indicating device patent, US-1952375-A: Pharmacist's slab patent, US-1953220-A: Mounting for transversal resonators patent, US-1953389-A: Tank vessel patent, US-1953429-A: Collar-fastening device patent, US-1953750-A: Method of retreading tires patent, US-195457-A: Improvement in stamp-mill mortars patent, US-1954727-A: Aircraft patent, US-1955394-A: Adapter patent, US-195545-A: Improvement in folding chairs patent, US-195605-A: Improvement in sausage-stuffers patent, US-1956226-A: Display case patent, US-1956696-A: Folding camp washstand patent, US-1956754-A: Receptacle head for electric lights patent, US-1957284-A: Electrolytic process for the production of magnesium patent, US-1959013-A: Convector patent, US-1959045-A: Container and device for safe delivery of perishable merchandise patent, US-195949-A: Improvement in walking-canes patent, US-1960062-A: Motion picture camera patent, US-1960228-A: Glue applying apparatus patent, US-1960547-A: Clutch mechanism patent, US-1960688-A: Resilient tool joint patent, US-196072-A: Improvement in combined check-row and drill planter patent, US-1961238-A: Make-up mirror patent, US-1961967-A: Portable scaffold patent, US-1963068-A: Draft rigging patent, US-1963238-A: Radioreceiver patent, US-1963433-A: Fruit basket patent, US-1965105-A: Refining hydrocarbons patent, US-1965206-A: Electric display system patent, US-1965907-A: Gas and oil well equipment patent, US-1966074-A: Deodorant container and content patent, US-1966126-A: Halogen-benzophenone-dicarboxylic acids and halogen-anthraquinone-carboxylic acids and a process of preparing them patent, US-1966141-A: Process for the manufacture of self-illuminating signs patent, US-1966698-A: Multiple and transformable theater-stage patent, US-196753-A: Improvement in roundabouts patent, US-1968766-A: Fluid siphon for oil wells patent, US-1969890-A: Process of preparing phenol-furfural condensation products patent, US-1970029-A: Method of and apparatus for forming channeled strips patent, US-1971321-A: Stocking and method of making same patent, US-1971779-A: Gas purification process and recovery of by-products therefrom patent, US-197182-A: Improvement in grain-binders patent, US-1971910-A: Solid flavoring composition patent, US-1972148-A: Smoking pipe patent, US-1972934-A: Truck patent, US-1973211-A: Treatment of siliceous materials patent, US-1973356-A: Weft feeding shuttle for automatic looms patent, US-19739-A: Improvement in revolving fire-arms patent, US-1974185-A: Machine for cleaning golf balls or the like patent, US-1974534-A: Wheel patent, US-4633754-A: Fret rod for stringed musical instruments patent, US-1974926-A: Counter dispensing device patent, US-1974982-A: Lamp patent, US-1975038-A: Core patent, US-1975590-A: Bleaching cellulose patent, US-1975744-A: Electric sewing machine patent, US-1976899-A: Magneto armature patent, US-1978620-A: Sheet material and method of making the same patent, US-1979581-A: Molding machine patent, US-1979605-A: Method and apparatus for dispensing gas containing beverages and the like patent, US-1980010-A: By-product ammonia recovery method patent, US-1980028-A: Railroad patent, US-1980694-A: Application of coverings to wires applicable to the insulation of electric conductors and to other purposes patent, US-1980970-A: Laminated glass patent, US-1981160-A: Water system patent, US-1981668-A: Electron discharge device patent, US-1981757-A: Hydraulic pump and motor of hydraulic transmission gear patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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