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US-1101831-A: Journal-box. patent, US-1102022-A: Lighting apparatus. patent, US-1102312-A: Artificial bait. patent, US-1102566-A: Thermostatic circuit-controller. patent, US-1103927-A: Toothed jaw for wrenches. patent, US-1104554-A: Draft-rigging. patent, US-1104594-A: Non-refillable bottle. patent, US-1105148-A: Dough mixing and kneading apparatus. patent, US-1105655-A: Advertising novelty. patent, US-1105920-A: Telegraphy. patent, US-1106365-A: Internal-combustion engine. patent, US-1106566-A: Curtain-supporter. patent, US-1107264-A: Mine-ventilating apparatus. patent, US-1107399-A: Typographical line-casting machine. patent, US-1107794-A: Auxiliary signal device. patent, US-110791-A: Improvement in frames for traveling-bags patent, US-1108107-A: Feed mechanism for machine-tools. patent, US-1108505-A: Window-ventilator. patent, US-1109037-A: Mouthpiece attachment for telephone-transmitters. patent, US-1109722-A: Collapsible hat-package. patent, US-1110070-A: Ore-concentrating table. patent, US-1110086-A: Power system for autovehicles. patent, US-1110666-A: Attachment for mailing-machines. patent, US-1110950-A: Automatic feeder for threshing-machines, &c. patent, US-1111319-A: Centrifugal-pump attachment. patent, US-1111409-A: Automatic valve. patent, US-1111483-A: Telltale bottle. patent, US-1111544-A: Cuspidor. patent, US-1111899-A: Bag-opening machine. patent, US-1112359-A: Process for extracting from woods their soluble contents. patent, US-1112418-A: Process for the manufacture of optical squares. patent, US-111270-A: Improvement in bolsters and pillows patent, US-1113051-A: Toy. patent, US-4581559-A: Device for rapidly discharging without arcing a high-voltage source patent, US-1113364-A: Scarfing-machine. patent, US-1113407-A: Razor-stropper. patent, US-1113915-A: Sash-lock. patent, US-1113958-A: Adjustable boring-tool. patent, US-1114329-A: Cutting-machine for rules and slugs. patent, US-1114466-A: Swimmer's foot-paddle. patent, US-1114718-A: Fire apparatus. patent, US-1116388-A: Lock for switch-stands. patent, US-1116753-A: Sanitary toilet. patent, US-1116847-A: Trouble-lamp. patent, US-1117118-A: Filing device for talking-machine records. patent, US-1117797-A: Type-bar. patent, US-1118068-A: Stoker. patent, US-1118898-A: Enamel composition. patent, US-1119794-A: Vaginal speculum. patent, US-1119907-A: Piano-player mechanism. patent, US-1120054-A: System for signaling through space. patent, US-1120070-A: Float. patent, US-1120751-A: Wrench. patent, US-1120926-A: Hand grinding-jig. patent, US-1121479-A: Transformer. patent, US-1121624-A: Roller side bearing. patent, US-1121632-A: Micrometer-calipers. patent, US-1122363-A: Marginal ticket-cutter. patent, US-1122399-A: Medical exploration-illuminator. patent, US-1122619-A: Grain-conveyer. patent, US-1123290-A: Surgical clip. patent, US-1123555-A: Uncoupling attachment. patent, US-1124216-A: Safety-brake. patent, US-1124498-A: Dental inlay-holder. patent, US-1126184-A: Automatic storage-battery lighting system. patent, US-1126863-A: Steering-gear for hook-and-ladder trucks. patent, US-1128845-A: Davit for raising and lowering ships' boats. patent, US-1128958-A: Internal-combustion engine. patent, US-1129032-A: Machine for impregnating match-sticks. patent, US-1129884-A: Box-magazine for firearms. patent, US-1129943-A: Gaseous repeater in circuits of low impedance. patent, US-1130675-A: Safety device for starting-motors. patent, US-1130945-A: Safety neck-yoke holder. patent, US-1131012-A: Fountain-brush. patent, US-1131455-A: Telephone system. patent, US-1131934-A: Vaporizing-carbureter for oil-engines. patent, US-1132152-A: Earthworking implement. patent, US-1132631-A: Train-fusee discharger. patent, US-1132853-A: Guard. patent, US-1133449-A: Multicontact relay. patent, US-113362-A: Improvement in hoisting apparatus patent, US-1133897-A: Fountain-pen holder. patent, US-1134027-A: Insole-heel-seat-trimming machine. patent, US-1134368-A: Flask. patent, US-1135105-A: Nail-puller. patent, US-1135848-A: Attachment for milk-pails. patent, US-1136944-A: Automatic train-stop. patent, US-1137735-A: Gearing. patent, US-1137979-A: Swinging conveyer. patent, US-1138340-A: Sanitary candy-pail rack. patent, US-1138714-A: Rail-fastener. patent, US-1139513-A: Cloth-winding machine. patent, US-113982-A: Improvement in lamp-shades patent, US-1140501-A: Pipe-repair sleeve. patent, US-1140553-A: Latch. patent, US-1140677-A: Bracelet. patent, US-1140965-A: Railway-switch mechanism. patent, US-1141426-A: Mandrel stripping and cooling mechanism. patent, US-1141787-A: Engine-starting device for motor-cycles. patent, US-1142659-A: Ink-fountain for printing-presses. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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